December Friends

2014 January 29
by hungarylouis

Oh December… how you push me every year. I usually start in August in preparation for all of the birthdays and holidays that collide each December. Every year I try to simplify even more, and although it has been helping diminish a lot of the unneeded pressure, it still always seems like a whole lot of work. Come January I am ready for a big long exhale.

The kids knew early on what they wanted as their birthday gifts this year. Isaac asks me all year long to knit him things, and I often don’t have time until it is birthday season, so he had been talking to be about this green Robot for a long time. He was having a hard time deciding between the Robot and the bird, so of course I couldn’t resist making both as a surprise.

For Coco it was the horse. She rides horses each week, and loved this guy when she came across it in a book I have. The horse in the book was brown, and more traditional in color. I thought she may like pony sparkle feet. I haven’t yet figured out how to secure the mane on this horse tightly enough that the yarn doesn’t continue to come out. She may need a trip to my grandmothers house for a tune up. In the meantime Coco is too afraid to play with her because she feels like she will break her.

And although this is unrelated, a few fun photos of the small fisher price wooden people I found from places all over the country to use as wrapping for this years holiday gifts. David’s parents had these as toys when he was a boy and his father used to make up stories with them. One of the main characters was ‘Percy Grab Grab’, something David has never forgotten. David’s father has shared Percy with my children, and I loved the idea of adding to their collection.

Each night of Hanukkah they received a different book, and attached was a wooden figurine.

We now have 18 new characters for our stories. Ive seen the kids use them in the buildings they make, legos they build with, and stories they tell. I adore them.

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  1. Sherri permalink
    March 12, 2014

    So creative and special, the kids will always cherish your amazing talent and love!

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