Heart Dress

2013 July 29
by hungarylouis

Yes. I’ve been MIA for a long while now. The past few months have been so unordinary, so amazing, so rich and full with work and travel that I just haven’t had the mind space to record many of the things I have been up to. My husbands movie was finally released from the nest last weekend. TURBO has been a part of our home for many years. A baby that has grown up along side our babies. We have spent the past few months deeply invested in promoting the movie. This movie is magic. Yes I love the director. Yes I love the writer. Yes I love the creator…  But even if those three things were not my reality I would still love this movie. It is filled with heart and love and crafted with care. I have never seen a more beautiful representation of the Los Angeles Valley in which we live. The landscape is dead on, never trying to be something it isn’t. Now having traveled to Indianapolis I can say that that city too is represented authentically, and that the experience of the race is beautifully recreated. If you haven’t seen TURBO yet, I say go. This isn’t a ‘cute’ movie, or a ‘kids’ movie. Its a movie that is about the human condition. I am so proud of my husband for all he has accomplished.

Oh, and in all that madness I was finishing construction on the beach house that has also been a love child for many years. It is finally being occupied and adored, and we had a photographer there last week (the same day that TURBO opened) capturing all of the spaces for potential publications and award submissions. Both my project, and Davids wrapped up on the exact same day after many many years in the making.

 Needless to say with the release of a movie and the completion of the house, we have had our hands full. Last week I finally had time to do something new. I wanted a small project that I could complete while Coco napped. A two hour attempt at instant gratification. This heart print Jersey had been sitting in my garage for a while, and I thought it would be the perfect fabric for a summer dress. I downloaded a pattern of the internet, and went to work. A couple hours later I was done.

When Coco woke up from her nap I tried the dress on her. Perfect fit, with the exception of the arm holes. The pattern seems strange when I was sewing it, and against my better judgement I just followed it. I had her take the dress off, and then I just took my scissors to the underarms and cut them open. The joy of jersey. I liked the way the sleeve looked after I opened up the arm, and she felt more comfortable in it. The most fun was spent while the dress was pulled over her head to get it off. Seeing her enjoy her new ‘hat’ was the best. There is something to be said for small projects. Getting stuff under your belt, making things, and thinking about them. The scale of the work really doesn’t matter much. Its all about the process, and about those who are around you to support you and remind you what really matters.


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  1. Sherri permalink
    September 11, 2013

    I don’t know what’s cuter, the model or the dress!!! love them both!

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