Room & The Book Club Eleven

2011 January 24
by hungarylouis

I love my book club. All eleven of its members are women I respect and admire on so many different levels. It has been an absolute treat to read along side these ladies, and discuss books with challenging subject matter that I would otherwise internalize and probably forget about. I have come to realize that it is the discussions about the books that I remember m0re than the books themselves. It is these discussions that bring life to the books, make them relateable, and teach me about the wonderful women I share them with.

When this months meeting had a last minute S.N.A.F.U. we rallied and came up with our best book club meeting yet.  ‘Room’ by Emma Donoghue was the book we were discussing, which centered around the story of a mother and her five year old son learning how to live both independently and together in two very different and equally difficult worlds. Having a four year old who with each day is becoming more independent, I can only imagine what the age of 5 will bring. The push and pull of wanting mommy near and far, learning the hard truths of the world for the first time… this book hit home for many of us. I can only speak for myself when I say that I am glad the the person who offered to host this meeting chose this book, because I would never have read it otherwise. The synopsis did not appeal to me on any level, and ultimately it sounded very depressing. This is the beautty of a bookclub, being forced to read what we normally would not, and learning a whole lot about ourselves in the process.

My ladies deserved treats. Wonderful little goodie bags that contained sweets and laughter. The little boy, Jack, ate cheerios most mornings, and counted to 100 as he rationed off his breakfast every day. I knew I wanted to make Cheerio bars to send home with everyone as a tribute to the book. In each bag I included a pair of funny jacked up teeth knowing they would make for some fabulous photos and laughter. The mother in the book had some dental issues, to say the least.

And of course to celebrate Jacks 5th birthday we needed a cake. The mother in the book brought together all of her resources and make Jack a cake from a boxed mix that was a highlight of the book for me. I so rarely, or lets say never, bake from a box that it was a real struggle to go there… but I wanted it to taste authentically ‘so so’… SO i went there. And it was very very so so.

Our book club discussion took place at a local favorite restaurant that was very accommodating of our volume and exuberance. They allowed us to set up a ‘ROOM’ in the corner, measuring 11′x11′ in which our meeting took place. Erin was able to print a list of questions she came up with, and Carrie brought some birthday balloons in honor of little JACK. We even took a picture with Old Nick to make it official. Off all the ‘birthday parties’ I have attended this was one of my absolute favorites. The energy was contagious and the goodness was everywhere.

Every single one of the ELEVEN of us in book club ELEVEN contributed, participated, and worked towards making something very special. Thank you for taking it ‘seriously’ and for making the discussion of ROOM such a special event.

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