Sorry for the delay… orecchiette coming your way.

2010 September 5
by hungarylouis

OK, first and foremost, Im sorry. My lack of posting has had nothing to do with a lack of desire, but rather a complete and total overload of activity that has kept me out of the kitchen, and out of my home. We first dealt with strep running through our house (I’ll spare you the details) which meant soup out of a can for most of the Soren household. Cooking a big and beautiful meal was out of the question, and not what my patients wanted. Frankly cooking a soup was even out of the question given both the 100 degree heat, and my utter lack of time or energy. Luckily it cleared out just before we headed for Toronto for our summer visit. The two week trip was very full of family and love and all of the stuff that comes with family and love. Three airplanes, seven cars, 13 bags, and 12 days later we are home in one piece, and most importantly safe, and I think sound.

The first thing I wanted to do after all of this time away was post. Sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t yet made the banana cake – although I have plans to later this week. BUT, I did make the orecchiette before I left, and had to share.

This was my first go at homemade SHAPED pasta. I have made and rolled fresh pasta dough many times before, but never tried to shape pasta and let it dry. It was a lot of fun. The trickiest part was cutting the ‘ears’ thin enough. The dough was softish, and made it difficult to slice the tubes without crushing the little ears. Not sure quite how to resolve this. The result was slightly thicker orecchiette that took over 45 minutes to cook to al dente.

I would have described their texture as a cross between a traditional dried orichette and a gnocchi. Chewy, and delicious. I am not sure that most would find them all that delicious. In fact, I could tell that David was being polite when he described them as ‘different’ but they left me wanting to try again, and see if I could get closer to the texture that I have created in my head.

These beautiful organic heirloom tomatoes were the star of the very simple, and most amazing sauce. A little shallot, a little garlic, and some tomatoes. In the height of summer nothing was more wonderful.

And of course by the time it was time to eat, it was dark, and I forgot to take a picture – as always, and so here is the instant snapshot off my phone. Not very good, but very delicious.

For recipe see:: Delicious Days.

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